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Greenhouse construction

Kerklaan Greenhouses & Horti Materials has been active in international greenhouse construction since 1993. We build and remodel used greenhouses to measure. Venlo greenhouses with different trellis widths and with any desired truss height, growing medium or gutter type. We build every greenhouse to measure!

Construction of "used" greenhouses

We specialize in constructing partially “used” greenhouses. We use a mix of used and new materials. The result is a modern greenhouse that meets current laws and regulations at an attractive price. The rebuilt greenhouse has an excellent return on investment that is comparable with a completely new greenhouse. We can erect and install rebuilt greenhouses and commercial premises at any desired location.

Your greenhouse is our responsibility
We devote a lot of care to ensuring a smooth greenhouse construction project in which we look after everything for our customers. Every greenhouse construction project is custom work. Our technical team is geared to all the needs of our customers in design and project planning.

Want to build a "used" greenhouse?

'Only the best materials are re-used'

Our approach

  1. The greenhouse building project is designed on the basis of the customer’s wishes.
  2. Used materials are fully checked and cleaned; only the best materials are re-used.
  3. The materials will be replaced if necessary.
  4. New materials that are not in stock will be added
  5. We build the complete greenhouse at any desired location or send it as a kit.
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Constructing a new greenhouse

In addition to building used greenhouses, Kerklaan Greenhouses is also a specialist in completely new greenhouses. These projects are completely custom-built according to the customer’s wishes and the possibilities of the site. Our team designs, builds, and installs the entire project.

All know-how in-house
When building a turnkey greenhouse construction project, you will always have a permanent point of contact. We work with regular employees and sub-contractors because we believe that a greenhouse construction company should have access to all the knowledge and experience that it needs to complete a construction project as efficiently as possible. Because of this, we are also very flexible if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Want to construct a new greenhouse?

The strength of Kerklaan Greenhouses.

  • Customization and the customer’s wishes are the highest priority
  • Projects with a mix of new and used materials
  • Fast delivery of high-quality
  • Our own construction crew and permanent subcontractors
  • With more than 250,000 m2, we have the largest stock of used greenhouses in the EU.

Deliver building kit

Do you have the experience to construct a greenhouse? Or would you like to use your own construction crew to build a greenhouse? We can provide a complete kit for a professional horticultural greenhouse.

Greenhouse building kit
We supply the kit with the required systems and materials. You can pick up the kit at our premises in Berkel en Rodenrijs, or we can organize transportation to the construction site.

The options for a building kit

  • A mix of new and used materials
  • Includes a complete building plan
  • Supervision
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