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Greenhouse demolition

Kerklaan Greenhouses & Horti Materials has been active in international greenhouse demolition since 1993. Kerklaan provides quick financial settlement and professionals that deliver the project on time and according to the agreements.

Greenhouse demolition or dismantling

We specialize in the demolition or dismantling of greenhouses in the Netherlands and abroad. We devote a lot of care to ensuring a smooth greenhouse demolition project in which we look after everything for our customers. Every greenhouse demolition project is tailor-made. Our technical team is geared to including all the customer’s needs in the project planning.

Your demolition project is our concern
With Kerklaan Greenhouses and hortimaterials, you have a reliable partner that can look after everything. We ensure that the site is delivered clean with not a single piece of glass remaining.

  • Complete demolition of your horticultural greenhouse
  • Dismantling installations
  • Disposing of waste material
  • Rubble and excavation work

We ensure that your site is delivered clean and tidy as agreed.

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Our machines are our pride

Because we specialize in demolition, we invest only in skilled craftsmen and specific machinery. We always try to be ahead in the industry, and continue to look for new ways of doing more work with fewer people.

Safety is our highest priority. Our machines meet the legal safety requirements and our employees are SCC certified. This means that our team and our equipment are always in top condition and that we can work quickly and efficiently. We have the right machine for every demolition job.

Why choose Kerklaan for greenhouse demolition?

  • Worldwide experience
  • Fast & professional
  • Large, diverse range of machinery for every project
  • Safe, effective social policy
  • Fast financial settlement
  • Turnkey greenhouse demolition completely under our own management
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Want to have your premises demolished?

We have been active on the second-hand greenhouse construction market since 1993, so we have the knowledge and experience you need. If you plan to dismantle your market garden or replace installations, please contact Kerklaan Greenhouses & Horti Materials. We will come and take a look completely free of obligation.

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Greenhouse demolition by Kerklaan

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