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Ingersoll Rand screw compressor system

Brand:Ingersoll Rand
Description:Consisting of: 1 compressor tank, 2 screw compressors, compressed air dryer, Oil-water separator
Ingersoll Rand compressor tank:300 L
Type:Vertical tank
Max. pressure:16 bar
Year of construction:2003
Ingersoll Rand compressor 1 (low model):11 kW
Max. working pressure:8 bar
Weight:307 kg
Year of construction:2011
Ingersoll Rand compressor 2 (high model):7.5 kW
Max. working pressure:10 bar
Weight:280 kg
Year of construction:2015
Compressed air dryer:Compact 16 Air Dryer
Max. air pressure:16 bar
Weight:36 kg
Year of construction:2015
Oil-water separator:Beko Öwamat 1
Reservoir volume:10L
Empty weight:3.5 kg
Max. operating pressure supply:16 bar

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