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Our working method.

Each greenhouse is custom designed and overhauled.

At Kerklaan Greenhouses we don't just build 'used' greenhouses. Thanks to our unique working method, the materials used are given a second life and are hardly inferior to completely new materials.

Discover where Kerklaan makes the difference.

Each greenhouse is uniquely designed. 
Entirely based on the wishes of the customer.

During the design phase, we discuss the wishes of our customer in detail. We think along about the best solutions within your horticultural company and adapt the design of the greenhouse and commercial space accordingly. We can calculate and design entire screening and heating installations. We look at the situation on location and make a transparent and clear (construction) planning. For us, this forms the basis of a well-organized construction project and the best end result.

Complete overhaul. 
From 'used' to 'as good as new.'

We draw up material lists based on the unique design of the greenhouse. We only select the best materials that we can reuse. These materials are fully checked piece by piece. They are then adjusted and edited where necessary. Finally, the materials are cleaned using specially developed cleaning machines, so that the materials are like new again.

Materials that are not in stock, 
are newly added.

New materials are tailor-made for each project. Kerklaan Greenhouses only works with the best products. With a mix of used and new materials, we ensure that every greenhouse achieves the optimum return. As a customer, you can also choose to have specific parts of your greenhouse made completely new. For example, you can choose for a completely new deck or a completely new substructure. In addition, we always use new mounting material.

The costum-designed greenhouse is being built
based on a clear plan.

From design phase to delivery, our customer always has personal contact with a fixed point of contact. During the project we offer transparency, so that the customer is never faced with unexpected events. Our technical team is well-trained, has extensive greenhouse construction experience and is always in possession of the correct certifications.

The end result is a greenhouse with an excellent return,
that is not inferior to a completely new greenhouse. 

Only when the entire greenhouse construction project has been completed and you are 100% satisfied, we hand over the care to our customer. But even after this we offer our customers aftercare and excellent service. We are immediately available for maintenance and damage repairs, so that your horticultural company can always continue to function.

Kerklaan Greenhouses. 
Specialized in the construction of used greenhouses.

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All knowledge in our own hands.
The power of Kerklaan.

More than 30 years of experience.
The power of Kerklaan.

Personal contact and maximal unburdening. 

The power of Kerklaan.

Our own people. Our own machinery.
The power of Kerklaan.